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Unless you are use to small town living - AVOID IT
Star Rating - 6/1/2018
I have lived here for 4 years, Can't wait to move. the town's too small for my taste. There is nothing to do here except fish. No Chain restaurants, only a handful fast food places, Unless you shop at Wal-mart you only have a Harps which neither is what I am use to for grocery stores. To get any resemblance of a City you have to travel over an hour to Rogers or Bentonville AR. Maybe if you are retirement age it may be to your liking. There is crime here and a heavy presence of drug users, I hear more sirens here daily then I ever did in a large city. There is a hospital but if you want to be treated for anything serious you'd be better off heading to a large city, I know some people that were told they were fine to only get home and pass away. The WATER taste like rotten flowers about half of the year and all this after spending 8 million on a water treatment plant, you can drive by it and see water sitting in mud holes with algae on top of it, they put up a fence but you still can see it. They people at first seemed nice but then you really start to see how they are and when summer hits you have a town of 6,000 swell to 30,000 with RUDE out of towners, best to shop out of town during the 3 or 4 month time period because to shop at walmart or harps is just ridiculous during that time. Traffic can be another issue there is only 3 ways into Grove, and when there is an accident on one of these arteries it create complete havok. There is a movie theater but it has seen better days, the seats and armrest are broke and or peeled away and on occasions have cut me. As far as the lake goes I WON'T eat any fish out of it, it's dirty, I've waded into it and was covered in an oily, greasy substance. If you catch and release I guess it's fine. I've lived in many places throughout my life, this is not one I intend to stay at. and the TAXES are ridiculously high here I've lived in large cities that were less expensive. And you have all the amenities there, not here. As a county the people here are paying for legal expenses caused by a scandal. which not sure why the people should be paying for it in taxes. Now some may like this place and this kind of living. But if you have never lived in a small community this is not the place for you. If you are use to places to eat, shop and general living steer clear. I really can't say anything good about this place.
Brian | Grove, OK
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