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A very backward state, a very boring place to live
Star Rating - 1/6/2019
OK when I first moved here I loved it because of the friendly people and the beautiful mountains. But now that I have been here a year I can't wait to leave. Reason: for a city just over 100,000 people I can't believe how little there is to do. Except for having a great Saturday market downtown, which is one of the best that I have seen in any city that I've visited or lived there is very little to do here. Very few organizations that are active other then the drinking organizations like VFWs etc. The parks here are a joke, very few and very very small. No city music organizations either, even with the university here there is little coming from that either. All the usual national groups that I just assumed would have clubs here because of the city size aren't here, like the Sierra Club. Political organizations are pretty weak. So unless you want to hang out in a bar or sit in front of your TV then there's not much open here for you. The drive to El Paso is a nightmare because the road is so torn up with construction it takes so long to get there it's hardly worth the effort. So it's a good place for very old people who don't go anywhere. But note that it gets humid and hot in the summer and all the places are stuck in the 1960's with swam coolers so you don't get much relief from the humid heat unless you hang out in Walmart because I found that that was the only commercial place including the mall and movie theaters that had refrigerated air!!! Even many of the newer homes are still being built with the cheaper evaporative coolers! Unbelievable!! So note that if you have a young family that the schools here are rated some of the worst in the nation. And you will find a lot of medicare doctors but not many highly rated doctors though. Bottom line good professionals live in desirable communities and this is certainly not one because of the low education level of the schools and lack of community activities for its citizens. The economic outlook for this area is negative by every forecast that I have read because of these very reasons. Jobs will not come here unless and until local and state government puts money into the primary school system and raises the grade for the state. It now stands 48th in the nation for education. But just recently the state passed a funding bill to increase funding for the university system. How short-cited is this. This is throwing money out the window. Those students have to leave the state once they graduate because there are not good paying jobs in the state. But the lawmakers continue to vote down funding for primary education and promote their university system to the detriment of the economic future of the state! So not a lot of smart people running this place. So all the stats show a continued negative job growth rate, and negative economic indicators for the future. So this state is not getting any better anytime soon.
me me | Magalia, CA
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Like it or not, most of this post is true. I've only been back three weeks and am so bored that I may just move. By the way, I'm 68 years old and retired. There is truly very, very little to do here. The state truly is backwards, and the drivers are the most dangerous I have ever seen outside of Abq, which was the most dangerous, lawless place I have ever lived. But my comments are about Las Cruces. Not sure why having things to do equates with more crime and/or traffic in the minds of others. One does not necessarily follow the other. It is safe here, and the people are friendly. But. Three or four Walmarts and one library tells the cultural tale. Hopefully I will make enough friends that it will make living here tolerable, but maybe not. When one has to go to, of all places, El Paso for things to do and interesting, creative people, well, you know you're in trouble.
steve | Albuquerque, NM

I have lived in over a dozen cities from very small to the Eastern Megalopolis and I can tell you for certain that Las Cruces is the best run city I have lived in. I really don't understand where the negative comment has come from because there seems to be fiesta's, concerts and all kinds of celebrations nearly every weekend and often during the week as well. We have people coming into the City from all over to enjoy our scenery, art, food, theater, and of course the weather, highlighted by our 360 days of sun each year! just ranked Las Cruces as #3 on their "Places to Visit" in America list. My Councilman sends out an email each week telling us what the City has been doing and what events are coming up for the upcoming week. we are a growing community, but our City has learned from a (prior to 2000) lack of oversight on development and our developing areas are of high quality and well constructed, but we are also on a path to create more low cost housing. We are among the lowest crime rate cities of our size in the country and the safest city in the State. There are groups and clubs for almost any interest you may have and a very active theater scene that includes three venues for plays. Recently, Las Cruces has been a target for the film industry with movies such as "The Mule" being shot here. Las Cruces is a friendly, growing, dynamic community.
Mary | Las Cruces, NM

Have you ever lived in Carlsbad NM? You think there's nothing to do in Las Cruces then move to New Mexico and then you'll be glad you lived in Las Cruces.
Gabrielle | Carlsbad, NM

I can see if you are a millennial or someone who craves constant activity then Las Cruces may not be the "Mecca" of entertainment. For those that seek a mild climate, scenic views, wonderful churches, awesome food, cultural influences, good medical care, close proximity to Tucson, southern AZ, El Paso, TX and occasional trips across the border for additional excitement, shopping, etc... then Las Cruces has much to offer. AAA baseball is in El Paso and tons of collegiate sports via NMSU. This is NOT Vegas, Austin, Nashville, Hollywood or Orlando. I'm 99% certain that the leaders and majority of residents don't want that crime, congestion and high prices!
@CrippledShark | Tulsa, OK

You sound very Depressed,.. Maybe you should move to Mississippi where they have Humid Summers,.. Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Negative people,... Im sorry you seem to be the ONLY NEGATIVE REVIEW on this township of Happy Content people...
Taylor | Hamburg, IA
Rick | Columbus, OH
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