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Sounds like Heaven! My husband, daugher and I are considering a move to Boise. We feel the same way about the Bay Area - it's too bad it's been ruined by the invaders (illegals and libs).
Maggey | Novato, CA | Report Abuse

California is a write off, it's over? WTF?? You are going to write off a whole state because you can't adapt to diversity and cope with change? Be grateful you live in the USA and shut the f up. Ignorant pice of $hit.
Kile | Lusby, MD | Report Abuse

Being a native Californian, I love Boise! I am of a VERY diverse multicultral background and clearly look 'non-white'--and have not had ANY problems here. What I did start having problems with back in Cali were the transplants who came to CA, drove up the housing costs, copped a new major attitude since they were in California now and somehow felt that was ‘normal’ to get a major entitlement complex, and then wanted to concentrate on their individualism instead of wanting to be a productive member of a collective whole. No wonder the CA natives are leaving in droves---we’re being FORCED out! I’m all for diversity, but not at the cost of me having been here first which was out of my control—why should I be penalized for wanting to be an un-hypenated, non-drug taking, English speaking American???
Summer | Tulsa, OK | Report Abuse
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