Review of Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Most Fun I've EVER Had!
Star Rating - 2/22/2012
I have lived all over the US - Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida... and now I've been in Virginia Beach for 3 years. I can honestly say that Virginia Beach is the place I've had the MOST FUN I've ever had in my life! There is always something to do around here! I love walking or biking down to the boardwalk in the summer for the free concerts, good food and awesome events! First Landing State Park has miles of trails to walk, run or bike. There are plenty of outstanding restaurants to choose from as well as little hole-in-the-walls with surprisingly good food, too. Some of them even do "locals" discounts. 11th Street Taphouse is one of my faves! Beach Movie Bistro is the best place to catch a movie and grab dinner at the same time. Try their margarita pizza or nachos...YUM! I absolutely love hearing the jets roar overhead from Oceana... it's like having your own personal air show! It's especially exciting when the Blue Angels are in town and practice for the Air Show! For me, I grew up in a tiny town of 250 people where you had to drive 1.5 hours just to find a I suppose my perspective is a bit different...for me, there's nothing better than living in the 23451 Zip Code! I'm absolutely in love with this place! :)
Kaycee | Virginia Beach, VA
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