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Star Rating - 9/12/2018
I was transfered here from Arkansas last year. I only mention that because if you live in Little Rock and move somewhere else it doesn't really matter where you go. Everyplace is an upgrade. Everyplace except Baton Rouge...and Indianapolis.

In hindsight, I'm not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't this. I think Indiana is the Arkansas of the north and Indianapolis is its Little Rock. It's just as unhealthy here as it is back home. Everybody drives everywhere, even across the street. The winters are gawdawful and the streets are all crumbling. I've never seen so much road rage in my life. I just get the feeling people are really frustrated here. I don't know why. They all go on about how great it is but it sure doesn't feel like that's real to me. Some other things that won't come as a surprise if you read the other comments. Crime is really bad. Folks are nice once you get to know them but before that they're downright mean and nasty. The blank eyed stare thing when you say hi to people here is a real thing. I read that and laughed until it happened to me. I think it's all the meth.

Like I said, it's hard to trade down when you come from Arkansas but I;m afraid I managed to do it. Story of my life. Thankfully, I rented and my lease is up in a couple of months. The job market is booming everywhere. I'm gonna look for a city with a higher quality of life and active people, even if it costs a little more. No offense Indianapolis. Sorry it didn't work out. Lesson learned.
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