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Humble Urban City for the Humble Family
Star Rating - 10/9/2018
I've lived here for 3 years. This is by far one of my favorite cities in VA. There are plenty of food options within a 5 mile radius, ranging from Korean to All-American to Middle Eastern and everything in between to include The Block, one of the most hip places to eat across Northern VA. There are plenty of ethnic grocery stores for your culinary needs. I mostly enjoy the people. They are multi-cultured and humble type people. There are a large number of different types of churches in the area for the spiritual inclined. I find that the people are not uppity like the surrounding cities, more urban than Springfield, and within the beltway making public transportation very accessible. Unlike the other reviewer, my children go to Poe Middle School and Annandale High School, and they are performing exceptionally well. I am very pleased with the passion of these teachers. The one negative I have about this place is that the parents do not participate as much as Potomac Falls or McLean areas, likely due to the lower income bracket and work hours. Overall, I choose to make this humble city my permanent residence because it fits my family and my needs.
Joseph | Annandale, VA
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