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Review of Decatur, Illinois

Decatur "We love it here!" Oh My...seriously???
Star Rating - 6/28/2011
Well I am struggling to say anything nice about the area. Plus -Some of the people in this area are the nicest, most down home people you would ever want to be life long friends with. Plus -affordable housing. Negative. Its like Jamaica with out the beach in some places. Most of the city is Poor. There are a lot of gangs here. This town is pretty scummy and there is little to do, which leads the teens to drugs. There are some jobs here, not alot but some. Gas is like 3.50 right now. Visit before moving here.
Tamara | Decatur, IL
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I dont know maybe in the warmer months its not as bad here. Winter sucks though..not enough to do.
Tamara | Decatur, IL | Report Abuse
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