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Quality of life in Woodbury, Minnesota
Star Rating - 1/7/2012

Woodbury is an excellent place to raise a family. It is a safe and attractive community that lavishes its residents with mosts wants and needs. Woodbury is also in close proximity to Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Stillwater(a very enjoyable place to visit)is only a breath away.

Although Minnesotans must deal with cold winters, a city with so much to offer helps one make it through the harsh, winter months. Quality of life = superb in my opinion.

Moxie | Woodbury, MN
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- 6/24/2020
Clean, stuck up, and better than the city.
It’s nicer than being in the City. It’s Suburban, clean, pleasant, shopping and McMansions...
Alia | Woodbury, MN | No Replies

- 4/10/2012
Great City: The Best in the world
Wow Connectict....we may be moving from Minnesota...I am begining to worry that it may not...
Village | St. Paul, MN | 1 Reply

- 3/24/2011
Minnesota nice is alive and well...
Living in the Twin Citie is simply fun. We appreciate four seasons and look forward to bei...
Kevin | St. Paul, MN | No Replies

- 3/8/2008
Trails & Parks
Woodbury offers lots of bike trails, parks and green space....
Joan | St. Paul, MN | No Replies

- 2/25/2008
Woodbury's ups and downs
Let me start with the good side about living in Woodbury. First of all, there are plenty ...
Michelle | St. Paul, MN | 2 Replies

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