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Ha! Ha! You rock!
P | Jefferson City, MO | Report Abuse

Ha! Ha! Ha! Sad but true! BloomingFart is the 13th Circle of Hell!
P | Jefferson City, MO | Report Abuse

OMG! I have lived in Bloomington my entire life, till I moved a year and a half ago. No one listen to the majority of this person's story! Bloomington is pretty and very nice! If you go onto the "hill" which is what us locals call it. that is the lower income area, and trust me I live in Florida now and that place is like Heaven compared to what I see down here! There are awesome restaurants! So much diversity! Thanks to the college! One thing is true...There are A LOT of rich snobby kids that are there during school times. But once again it's nothing compared to Florida or NY, West Coast ppl! It is divided with the "city" ppl and the "country" ppl. If you are in the town area you won't see really anyone with a cowboy hat on and boots! and vise versa. There is so many beautiful places to see in Bloomington that only the locals know of. and hopefully we can keep some quiet in that aspect! ;) but overall it is a nice and foremost better place than other parts of IN! Oh and if you live or visit heads up...Everyone talks about school and majors! hello! It is one of the best Colleges ever! ;)
Audrina | Jacksonville, FL | Report Abuse

Bloomington is a nice little city! Yeah, I hate the bugs too. But they go away in winter! All restaurants are gross -- never enter the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, duh! There are more than 2 high schools -- St. Charles Borromeo and Aurora. There's a tech school on Patterson too. Bloomington is Midwest, not hillbilly/redneck as you say. Compared to other cities B-town is down-to-earth, not egotistical. A lot of people everywhere are on psychiatric meds, sadly. Drugs are bad! As far as PCBs in municipal water -- do the Brita filter thing. There are good factory jobs in Bloomington -- Cook, Baxter, Whitestone, Tasus, GE, Tree of Life. If you're still in town I hope things have gotten better for you. If you've moved God bless you wherever you live.
A | Ogden, UT | Report Abuse
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