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Let me state it plain.
Star Rating - 10/23/2017
This is a town with 18,000 people and 15 banks.
I had the law called on me for sitting at the end of washed out road, essentially a dead end, eating my meal and watching a bit of TV, I was there for about 15 minutes, and some prick called the law on me.
This is a morally corrupt town with a vast number of Christian nut jobs who think its their god and no other way and all others are damned.
You got assholes who urinate under the hand dryers in Walmart.
Dickhead college students who think that its cool to steal from homeless people living in their car.
Teacup-pinky douche bags who ignore arson like at East-Y grocery.
The majority of these people have a slave mentality, which is odd since they have a Robert E Lee statue on their old court house lawn.
There are better colleges than MSU, go somewhere else.
Roman | Murray, KY
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