Review of South Kensington, Maryland

Kensington neighborhoods and community
Star Rating - 3/29/2009
As a resident of Kensington, Maryland for over 8 years and also a community member active in the local school PTA and local citizen's association, I like to say how great this place is! The old charm and the true meaning of "Neighborhood" is what keeps me here. Everyone is friendly and neighbors care about each other. Kids play in the neighborhood, go to the local public school and have fun. We do block parties,clubsm tard sales ans more!
Neigbors look out for each other and exchanfe ideas and take care of their homes. I live in Rock Creek Palisades of Kensington which is walking distance to Rock Creek Park, a short drive to Metro and shopping. We are within ten minutes of DC and commuting is so easy! Beach Drive is a great road to take if you like sight seeing all the way to DC!
Like any other old neighborhood, we have original owners who still live in the neighborhood and still take their daily walks!
I could write a lot more......

faye | South Kensington, MD
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