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Revitalized Downtown, Baseball, Parks and more.
Star Rating - 6/27/2020
What Bert has to say is a bit dated. The downtown area has made a great comeback over the past 10-15 years with Over the Rhine once being ranked America’s most dangerous neighborhood now leading that comeback. The areas is now a hotspot for 20-30 year old with great bars and breweries. You can go a bit south to the Riverfront where the banks has also become a destination and one of the best places to take in Major League Baseball. The issues he mentions about pornography are from the 70s and 80s and mainly caused by a Sheriff who has been out of office for years. Still more for the downtown area is planned with a Music Venue being built at the banks. Travel times are some of the lowest in the country. Visiting Local attractions such as Kings Island, the Beach, and some of the local lakes are places a new resident should check out. Other than not having a real beach Cincinnati has a ton of Attractions and is a great place to raise a family. Not to mention the cost of living is 15 percent below. The National average so your dollar goes a little further here. Recommend you check it out for yourself!
Daniel | Cincinnati, OH
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Cincinnati did NOT have it all over Nashville when it comes to country music. People are friendlier than many cities in the south, but how about facts. How many years has the Grand Ole Opry been a haven for country music? How many country performers perform in bars there and have concerts in Nashville? IT's absolutely been a haven for country music. Seriously!!! Facts not opinion
Dottie | Woodstock, GA | Report Abuse

I’m originally from Nashville back when it wasn’t filled with random outsiders. I have been happily living in Cincy for over 7 years. I get more “Southern Hospitality” from Cincinnati than I do Nashville especially of 2020. I’ll give you examples; Cincy drivers let me over if I need be in my car. Cincinnati people let me go before they do when it comes to one or two items versus a cart full of stuff they have. Cincinnati people love Country Music back when Nashville didn’t yet kill it and on top of that, Cincinnati people love Pigeon Forge weekend getaways. I must say that I’m very proud of Cincinnati. I think it’s one of the most UNDERRATED yes Underrated cities in America.
Jack | Forestville, OH | Report Abuse
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Kerry | Cincinnati, OH | 1 Reply

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