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Spring time in Lawrenceille
Star Rating - 4/29/2010
Although Lawrenceville has changed a lot over the past 23 years that I have lived here, it is still a pleasure to live here and enjoy a relatively high quality of life. I travel a lot around the world for school and work and I enjoy experiencing different cultures. Lawrenceville by some estimates has the second largest Bosnian/former Yugoslavian community in the United States. We also have a burgeoning Hispanic community, whom are slowly becoming important business leaders and working professionals after immigrating here, usually in the last 10 years. There is also a large African community with folks community coming from Nigeria, Mali, Liberia, just to name a few. The Korean community is a very major important component in the future growth and development of Greater Gwinnett county.

Transportation wise,the bus system is not the best, but if you don't mind walking a mile or two you'll be fine. Our bus system connect all the way down to Hartsfield International airport, or whatever its called these days.

The food is amazing. As compared to ITP, or inside the perimeter Atlanta, where there is also amazing food; food prices and of course the cost of living is much cheaper in Lawrenceville. The cuisine is as culturally diverse as Lawrenceville itself.


I hope this
Mark | Lawrenceville, GA
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Can you tell me more about the culture and character of Lawrenceville/Dacula or of any other good city between Athens and Atlanta. My husband and I are looking to move somewhere near there. We would be commuting to Athens, not ATL, so I am not so considered with the traffic. We live in a big city now and have traveled/lived overseas and we don't really like the suburbs. We like places with lots of character and good food and fun - not chains. Where would you recommend? Any info would really help. P.s we are not concerned with school systems. We have lived Johannesburg, SA. We are more concerned of living in a diverse, up and coming and unique place filled with culture rather than "a safe suburb with a good school system" we don't have kids
Kristen | Madison, TN
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