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High cost living
Star Rating - 6/4/2014
Glendale az. is like any other place to live. It has bad sides and good sides,.but Az. in general is an ok place to live. The weather here is severly hot but it has its good side which is if you like no humidity, this is the right place for you..It main City phoenix has its better side of entertainment and art museums as much az its best part of transportation. Now there's a metro rail bus that reaches south and north of central Phoenix and takes people around to main entertainment centers and restaurants. It is huge here and most ppl have their own transportation but for visitors, travelers and for those of us that can't drive or don't have their own transportation, its very accesible to move around and have a good time. Az, like any city has its very special attractions. Where I live in glendale has its own small historical and provincial area of antiques and art feeling of its own. Summer here is what kills it here for most of us but if you learn how to manage it, anyone can get use to it and still enjoy of all of what Az. has to offer. The cool side of az. is that here there's also places that are colder close to the hot ones which makes it easier to enjoy both seasons in a day just by traveling a couple of hours away. One of the down side here in Az. have to do with health services that are extremely expensive and the high cost living. But if you are financially stable or are a retiree, you would definitely get the best of Az. If you to relocate here, to really have to come and visit, and see & feel by yourself if your ok with its goods and bads, enjoy while your at it on your visit and find out if its right for you or not! I hope you will, becuz in my opinion, its worth trying it out!!
Jean | Glendale, AZ
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