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Most Friendly, Positive City I’ve Ever Lived In!
Star Rating - 9/24/2020
I’ve lived here for four years and plan to stay forever. What it lacks in infrastructure and weather, it makes up for with a sense of adventure, community, a multicultural population, friendliness, community and fun. I’m from New England, but New Orleans is my favorite US city.
Lindsay | New Orleans, LA
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I always wonder about reviews like this that sound so obviously fake. No mention of an out of control crime problem, corruption and incompetence at every level of city government, and race problems that go back 100+ years that have yet to show any improvement . Well, this person is from New England. Any time someone even says "hi" is a miracle to them.
steve | Albuquerque, NM | Report Abuse

I wish I had a positive viewpoint about New Orleans like this person above. I think New Orleans downtown is pretty but I, myself, do find it the least bit exciting. I love skyscrapers and have yet to be able to live in a city that has many. New Orleans has perhaps 4 big buildings downtown. I'm sorry I don't mean to offend anybody. I've lived in various small to medium sized cities and never encountered many friendly people - maybe only a few friendly people in any place I've lived or visited. I'm not an extroverted person so I could be wrong. I didn't want to move to New Orleans my son wanted to and since he needed the extended Medicaid, that is the only reason I agreed to relocate here. But neither of us have been happy these past 15 months we been here and we can't wait to move again. But people need family and friends in their life and we just don't have any. I didn't realize the importance of putting down roots until I was older. We didn't encounter to many problems while being here; we mostly encountered problems with bus drivers having bad attitudes especially some of the older bus drivers. Other than that things have gone pretty smoothly and bus driver problems have become less and less over time. This place feels fairly safe but we don't live in New Orleans, we live in one of the small outer areas. Going downtown has gotten old. Actually most things to do have gotten old. To be happy here you probably need to have family and friends or be able to acquire friends. Making and developing friendships takes time. If you like a place that is not small nor is very big either, you'd probably like New Orleans.
Lisa | Lexington, KY | Report Abuse
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