Review of Richland township (Ottawa Cnty), Kansas

Richland Township
Star Rating - 6/22/2009
It certainly is nice to live in the "country". There are a LOT of advantages; peaceful, quiet and relaxing.
However, we need crushed rock on our roads (which is NOT being met now!). We would like to have the County come out and CLEAN out road beds (which is NOT being done and hasn't since our moving out here in 2001). Another issue that seems to crop up every-once-in-a-while is trash in the ditches. I have cleaned up a lot around here. Many folks are BEER DRINKERS - and one can always find them - by the trail of beer cans from their home to where-ever they are going. This should STOP! Does not look nice and spoils the beauty of the country. When these issues are brought up - we are told "there is no money in the budget". Amazing - 20-yrs. ago when there were a LOT fewer people it was not this way! What is going on with the tax dollars?

Dave | Minneapolis, KS
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