Review of Tucson, Arizona

A beautiful, vibrant area with great weather
Star Rating - 9/19/2018
Tucson has four very warm months, June through September. Any one is easily more acceptable than November through February in most states. Temperatures do not vary radically, but trend upward slowly and then downward slowly. There is still a monsoon season, although many long-term residents see them as stronger and less frequent than the predictable daily rain mid-afternoon of a few decades ago. The town is nestled among five ranges and has outstanding character. It values its history and preservation is high on the list of things the city traditionally values regardless of most political trends. Being higher in elevation, Tucson trends four to nine degrees cooler than Phoenix. Tucson gets water from the CAP program, which is dependent on water from the Colorado which is in jeopardy from years of drought and global warming. However, there is a large aquifer beneath Tucson, and the city has used some of the CAP program to recharge the aquifer. Water conservation in the city and surrounding communities is advanced compared with cities like Phoenix where large lakes and fountains are maintained. Although there are abundant golf courses, a large percentage of yards are low-moisture, drip irrigated, rock filled xeriscaping examples. A few of the historic neighborhoods in the central area of the city maintain lawns. Diversity is a strength of the city as is the can-do spirit of its people. Cultural events are frequent and attractions are widespread. This is both a biking mecca as well as one of the few dark skies cities in the United States. Night skies are incredible, as are sunsets. One of the few negatives I have noticed is air quality. There are often slightly sub-par hazes that collect in the central valley. In my personal experience, Tucson has overall exceptional weather - October through May are outstanding - with outdoor activities that take advantage of these conditions. Food, night life, entertainment and a friendly mindset are all plusses I have found over the years I have visited and lived here.
Richard | Saddlebrooke, AZ
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