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milton florida
Star Rating - 11/19/2007
the recent collapse of the housing market has made the situation in the job market very dismal. there are some IT jobs thru clearwire that are new tho. If you think you are just going to move here and then find a job, please allow me to discourage you for now. Lot and lots of places are for sale but no buyers and still people will not lower the prices. I am praying to form a thrift shop in an area called east milton which is of mixed everything, economics, old and new residents, racial makeup and is still pretty rural in character. I would like to find a very serious business partner for this as the 2004 hurricanes destroyed many thrift shops and i feel it will do well. However, it is not a project i would try by myself. ITs really hot in the summers, relatively mild in winters and not such a bad place. It has rural southern issues, no public transportation, no hostels but fairly good bike lanes. so far little interest in solar power due to poor attitudes towards change
julianne | East Milton, FL
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I would try the thrift store thing with you. I am a nice person and you would like working with me. I am 54, and have only good intentions. My email is and my phone is 708-513-5518. Call me and chat, you have nothing to loose ! Your pal, Steven S.
Steven | La Grange, IL
- 9/20/2007
Milton is a Welcoming Place
My experience as a "newcomer" to the Milton area found welcoming business owners, Pensacol...
Bp | Milton, FL | No Replies

- 6/24/2006
Very "born and raised", "born again" town. Not friendly to newcomers. Better if you belon...
Barb | Milton, FL | 1 Reply

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