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Overall Crimes Against Person, Sexual Crimes and C
Star Rating - 1/4/2015
My family of three has been an additional figures of this State and recently moved in from Hawaii. Being a retired military veteran and as a former police officer I use it as working tool against any untoward that could be a threat to my family. North Las Vegas where we currently reside has been known as a hardcore county to lived in. Our neighbors in the Bridleton area where a percentage of american minorities which is most in numbers has not been detrimental to any civil obedience issues. We've been here for almost a year now and the good far outreached the bad so far. I commend our police officers who restore and provide the safety for every citizens of this county, state for their quick response time in restoring public safety. Well done to all our police officers in uniform! - Bill Norva.
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- 9/28/2015
The Rez
I live near to the pony express ...
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- 5/28/2015
I'm pissed off and angry! Lyon County, Nevada prop
Example, funding has stopped for our Rsvp non emergency nevada medical transportation prog...
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possible help for gamblers....
In 1994 there was a patent registered, for, in table ,blackjack card readers, that would l...
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Weather in Las Vegas
I love the climate in Las Vegas !!!!...
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The Climate
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