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Socorro County - Quiet, Desert Beauty, but Not Far
Star Rating - 7/7/2009
Socorro County, New Mexico, is one of the largest counties in the state (6626 square miles)but with a population of only about 18 million. Most of the population centers around the county seat - the town of Socorro (about 9 million). Therefore, a great deal of the county is untouched land, where nature abounds. Changes in elevation bring a variety of terrains ranging from barren desert to lushly wooded mountain tops. And each has its own varieties of plants and animals. It is a great place for driving back roads, hiking, taking pictures, camping, watching spectacular skies change throughout the days, and finding peace and solitude.

The town of Socorro, situated about an hour south of Albuquerque, offers a bit of everything - eateries, live music, festivals, an arts community, grocery stores, mechanics, a college, decent basic health care, and a fairly low cost-of-living. But it is also a very poor county, with high rates of poverty and unemployment, and few funds for upkeep and/or improvements.

If quiet and nature are your goals, this could be a place to check out. If you want a more sophisticated place with lots of action, Socorro won't meet your needs. But it's still worth a trip for a change of pace!
Kate | Polvadera, NM
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God bless our dear friend Kate but I'm not sure what Socorro she is referring to. The population of the city is closer to 9 thousand than 9 million and for the county it's more like 18 thousand as opposed to 18 million.
Hans | Las Cruces, NM
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