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Review of Toledo, Ohio

Toledo: Better than its Reputation
Star Rating - 10/1/2013
Toledo is an affordable city with an unfortunate reputation. Yes, crime is somewhat higher than average for American cities, but there are many strong neighborhoods with low crime rates. The public school system may be the weakest point, but Toledo is split between Toledo Pubic Schools and Washington Local Schools. WLS has higher state rankings than TPS, so if you have school-age children, you might consider a WLS neighborhood over a TPS neighborhood.

Toledo has a world-class art museum, access to Lake Erie, a great public zoo, and a metropolitan university. The city is located near two major interstates (I-75 and I-80/90) and has an international airport.

Is Toledo a glittering paradise? No. However, you could do far worse in the Midwest than Toledo, and any cultural events that do not make it to Toledo are just a short drive to Detroit, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, or Columbus.

My two cents worth...I have lived in the city since 1989 and like it, warts and all.
Michael | Toledo, OH
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An international airport is quite a stretch. There are only 3 or 4 airlines that fly out/into Toledo and their fares are way higher than flying out of Detroit a half hour away. Flying to Boston from Toledo was 2 1/2 to 3 times the cost from Detroit airport.
perry | Defiance, OH

No place is a glittering Paradise but Toledo sucks ass and you sound like an Ohio or Toledo cheerleader. If you like it stay put. We're getting out! After living in this city for dozens of years it is finally time to move on to better places to live! Toledo will never change! It's a city filled with crime, stupid people, and those who have to be here for some reason like maybe a job. Awful place live. 7 months of crappy weather each year! Get out of this hell-hole while you still can!
John | Perrysburg, OH
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