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I would not move here !
Star Rating - 1/16/2013
I have lived here on the oceanfront for 9 years to long now. I am from Baltimore Md. The reason for me staying , my clients, I am a hair stylist. Took all these years to build it up.Sooo $$$ is good. First off.
1). very rude people 2). terrible traffic 3).dirty trashy 4)drug infested 5). big roachs locals call them waterbugs Bullcrap 6).gangs
7).just this month 5 shootings in a 1 mile from my house, and I live in one of the better areas. Felt safer in Baltimore 8). lack of jobs 9) filthy restraunts 10) lack of things to do eat and drink thats it! 11) very hot and humied in the summer 12)lots of homeless people everwhere 13) rent and property are very high 14)taxes are 10% for restruants.15)money rules here 16) they rape there locals on taxes here. you are taxed on everything !! 16) you will pay property taxes on your car every year and on top of that you will need to get it inspected every year. 17) you better be a repub. and not a dem. when you move here or you will be shuned. hope i hit the lottery
hairgirl | Virginia Beach, VA
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Virginia beach is one of the nicest places. The schools are all great. There are some bad areas, but they are not nearly as bad as Baltimore. There is no way that there is a lack of jobs with a 5.8 unemployment rate. It is hot, but that is the climate. Ive lived here for 11 years and it is a great home.
Aaron | Ogden, UT

I've lived in Maryland all my life and If someone from Baltimore says a place is dangerous, dirty, trashy and drug infested I pay attention. Thanks for the honesty changing my mind on moving to VA Beach.
Derrick | Silver Spring, MD

I dont know what this person is talking about. I’ve lived in Virginia Beach for the last 18 years of my life. From 9-27 years old and the only complaint I have is lack of things to do for fun(compared to bigger cities). This post is so ridiculous I actually laughed.
Jake | Virginia Beach, VA

RE: I would not move here ! - 1/16/2013 - 1/18/2013 Hahaha ! The 'waterbugs' ARE roaches and for like a minute I thought I was losing my mind. Every once in a while, when I lived in Richmond, one would scurry across the hardwood floor. Obviously there was an issue of crawl holes, and it was super rare. Incidentally, a pure born and bred local thinks I am a complete loon when I screech and call it a roach. " No, you're being so weird, that's just a waterbug, we have them everywhere". NO NO NO, and don't think I don't know what a chigger is either JTTOT! Anyway, I'm from a land lock state so when I am this close to the ocean, in VA Beach now, I don't complain about much. I just recently moved here and it seems like a tight nit community.
Lake | Virginia Beach, VA
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