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Calm living - 3/3/2019
Rural yet close to it all. Neighbors simultaneously protect each other and give you space. Nice combo. The nature and wildlife of Monutery County and San Benito areas are some of the most beautiful in the county. Roads are rural and quiet and they like it that way. Conservative and religious. Weather is great and people are friendly. There are some questionables but these are well noted are watched. Agricultural mentality and nature lovers combine. Schools are ok, have heart but a lot of people flooding the schools so sometimes taught to esl students instead of pushing an accelerated curriculum. Some places do have multiple families is certain pockets, but not all over. Best advice is private school, homeschool, or join a charter and be ok with a commute. The opportunity for world class events are neighborhoods away (not far) making for peaceful living. Much to the chagrin of criminals there are a lot of intelligence, police and military that reside in area so eyes are always open.  Read More
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one of the best places in the world to live - 3/25/2013
as you look out(anywhere)you see the very best Mother Nature has to offer ,the beautiful Monterey Bay leading into the equally beatiful SantaCruz bay,the acre after acre of green fields,,the spectaclur moutains,your could never expect so much beauty in such a small area.Everything just sparkles,the dew on the artichokes,the sun on the waves ,the flowers in he fields,the redwoods tall and pround ,our is a unique comminity we have all of the very best Cslifornia has to Read More

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Prunedale (zip 93907)


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