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Rubidoux (zip 92509), California Reviews

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Rubidoux The Town I Live In - 9/8/2014
Love it here because this is all I know. It is getting overcrowded. I miss how the schools used to get involved more with the children. It is changing too much. Classes are so big that the teachers don't have enough time to bond and teach some basic manners. Not sure if it's like this all over the world. Everyone seems to be more stressed out and in a hurry. Read More

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general opinion - 2/14/2013
I grew up in Glen Avon, CA during the 1940's. About 10 miles out of down town Riverside. It was a perfect place to grow up. Perfect weather, small community where everybody knew everybody and anybody would help you if you needed it. We walked up Avon St and down Glen Street on Halloween night. The only other street was 44th street besides Mission Blvd on one side and Galena St on the side. I ended up marrying my husband who lived only a block from my home at that time in 1960 on Union Ave. We've been married for almost 53 yrs now. But have lived in several different states. There was one little grocer at the end of Avon ST on Mission Blvd. A couple of beer bars (the Circle Inn) and Dels bar and grill, and a couple of gas stations. There was a bakery owned by the Deutchmans.That was his name and they were from Holland and Dutch. A fire station and a liquer store all on Mission Blvd. Oh ya I almost forgot another small grocer and a mexican resturant across the street from each other. Read More

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Rubidoux (zip 92509)


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