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80110 Englewood, CO is a vibrant and charming suburb of the Denver Metropolitan area. It offers many activities, attractions, and events for its residents and visitors alike. From hiking trails to historic sites, 80110 Englewood has something to offer everyone. The city is also known for its excellent restaurants and shopping, making it a great place to visit or live.
Reviews of 80110 Englewood are mostly positive with many citing the city's welcoming atmosphere as one of its strengths. People love 80110 Englewood for its friendly people, thriving businesses, and easy access to downtown Denver. There are also plenty of parks and outdoor recreation areas throughout the neighborhood creating a great environment for residents to enjoy nature while still being close enough to all the amenities of city life. With so much to do in the area, 80110 Englewood is an ideal place for those looking for a suburban lifestyle that combines modern amenities with natural beauty.

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Relocating with kids - 11/10/2006
We're possibly relocating to Denver from the SF Bay Area. We're looking at South Denver or Cherry Creek to move to but if anyone could tell me what neighborhoods they think are the best to raise the kids (8-16), we'd love your opinion. Things to consider: safety, other kids, good schools, sense of community, easy access to the Denver outdoors and Read More

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