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What BestPlaces Users Say about Bolton

Bolton, Connecticut, with a zip code of 06043, is a small town located in Tolland County. It has a population of around 5,000 and is known for its rural charm and close-knit community. It is rated as one of the best places to live in the state of Connecticut, with highly rated schools and a low crime rate. However, like any other place, there are pros and cons to living in Bolton, as seen in the various user reviews on

Many users on rave about the peaceful and friendly atmosphere of Bolton. User "Jenny" says, "Bolton is a wonderful place to call home. The people here are so warm and welcoming, and there's a real sense of community." Echoing this sentiment, user "John" writes, "I've lived in Bolton for over 20 years and it's been a great experience. The small town feel and friendly neighbors make it a great place to raise a family." These reviews highlight the positive community aspect of living in Bolton.

However, some users also mention the high cost of living in Bolton. User "Sarah" states, "The cost of living here is definitely higher compared to other towns in the area. Be prepared to spend more on groceries and housing." Similarly, user "Mike" notes, "Bolton is a great place, but it can be expensive. Property taxes are high and there aren't a lot of affordable housing options." These reviews provide a realistic view of the financial aspect of living in Bolton.

In terms of attractions and amenities, user "Beth" praises Bolton's natural beauty, saying, "I love living in Bolton because there's so much to do outdoors. We have beautiful parks and trails, perfect for hiking and picnics." On the other hand, user "Mark" mentions that there is a lack of entertainment options, saying, "Bolton is a quiet town and there isn't much to do in terms of entertainment. You'll have to drive to neighboring towns for more options." These reviews showcase the trade-off between the peaceful, rural setting and limited amenities in Bolton.

Overall, the user reviews on provide a well-rounded view of living in Bolton, Connecticut. While it may have a tight-knit community and natural beauty, it can also be expensive and lacking in entertainment options. Ultimately, it depends on personal preferences and priorities when considering making Bolton your home.

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