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United States / Maine / No Metro Area / Aroostook County / No City / Eagle Lake (zip 04739)

04739 Eagle Lake, ME is known for its picturesque lakeside views and abundance of outdoor activities. Located in the northern state of Maine, 04739 Eagle Lake is home to miles of hiking trails, beautiful lakes, and plenty of wildlife. People often come here to camp, go fishing or just enjoy the natural beauty. The town itself has a small-town feel with local charm and its own special character.
Reviews of 04739 Eagle Lake, ME are generally positive. Many visitors report that they were impressed by the stunning scenery and appreciated the laid-back atmosphere. Others praise the friendly locals and great hospitality they received when visiting this area. Additionally, there is a variety of activities to be enjoyed from camping to fishing and exploring nature. All in all, most people find 04739 Eagle Lake, ME to be an enjoyable place for a weekend getaway or longer vacation.

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