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The small waterfront town of 20629 Solomons, MD is a popular destination for tourists looking for a tranquil getaway. Located on Calvert County’s Patuxent River, the town offers beautiful views of the water and a variety of activities to keep visitors entertained. From fishing charters to boat tours, nature walks, and picnic spots, there’s something for everyone in 20629 Solomons! Visitors can also explore the town’s local shops and restaurants, as well as its many attractions such as Calvert Cliffs State Park, Dominion Beach Park, and Drum Point Lighthouse.
Reviews of 20629 Solomons are overwhelmingly positive – it’s clear that this little town really knows how to show visitors a great time. Visitors love spending time by the river or at one of the parks in the area; they enjoy all the activities available close by; and they appreciate all the great places to eat or shop locally. The reviews mention how friendly and hospitable locals are as well. All in all, 20629 Solomons is definitely worth a visit!

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