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Bartlesville, Oklahoma is a small city located in the northeastern part of the state. It is home to several major employers, including ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66, and has a strong economy with a low unemployment rate. The cost of living is lower than the national average and the city offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities. However, it also has a relatively high crime rate compared to other cities in the state.

According to many user reviews on BestPlaces, living in Bartlesville has its pros and cons. Some reviewers mention the city's friendly community and affordable cost of living, while others highlight the high crime rate and lack of diversity. For example, user "Mike" says, "Bartlesville is a great place to live if you want a small town feel. The people are friendly and the cost of living is low. However, it lacks diversity and the high crime rate can be concerning." Similarly, user "Jenny" states, "I've lived in Bartlesville my whole life and have always felt safe. However, the lack of diversity can be isolating and there isn't much to do for entertainment." On the other hand, user "Brian" shares a positive experience, saying, "I love living in Bartlesville. The cost of living is affordable and there are plenty of job opportunities. Plus, the community is very welcoming and there are great outdoor activities nearby." Finally, user "Sarah" highlights the city's strong economy, stating, "Bartlesville is a great place to live if you're looking for job opportunities. The major employers in the city provide stability and the cost of living is manageable."

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