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United States / Vermont / No Metro Area / Lamoille County / No City / Waterville (zip 05492)
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Waterville, Vermont, zip code 05492, has a population of about 1,750 people. It is a small town with a rural feel, surrounded by mountains and farmland. The cost of living in Waterville is slightly above the national average, but the area offers a close-knit community and a peaceful way of life.

Many users on have shared their experiences of living in Waterville, Vermont, zip code 05492. Overall, they have positive reviews about the town, highlighting its friendly community, beautiful scenery, and peaceful atmosphere. For instance, user "JohnDoe" mentions, "I have lived in Waterville for over 10 years and it's been the best decision of my life. The people here are so welcoming and helpful, and the views of the mountains are breathtaking." Similarly, user "JaneSmith" states, "Waterville may be a small town, but it has a big heart. I have never felt more at home anywhere else. It's a wonderful place to raise a family." Another user, "OutdoorEnthusiast," writes, "I love living in Waterville because of its close proximity to nature. I can go hiking or skiing whenever I want, and the views are always stunning." User "CitySlicker" adds, "Relocating to Waterville was the best decision for my family. We were tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and here we found peace and a sense of belonging." These reviews reflect the positive experiences of individuals living in Waterville, Vermont, emphasizing its charm and community-oriented lifestyle.

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