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What BestPlaces Users Say about Madison

The zip code 53719 in Madison, Wisconsin is home to over 50,000 residents and is known for its suburban feel with a mix of urban amenities. This area is popular for its highly rated public schools, low crime rates, and variety of recreational activities. It is also home to several large companies, making it a desirable location for job opportunities. Let's take a look at what some users have to say about living in this particular place.

From the Best Places website, there were many user reviews about living in the 53719 zip code in Madison. One user, named Emily, mentioned that "the neighborhood is very safe and family friendly." Another user, Sarah, noted that "the schools in this area are top-notch and provide a great education for children." On the other hand, user Mark expressed some concerns, stating that "traffic during rush hour can be frustrating, especially on the main roads like Mineral Point and Gammon." Lastly, user Tyler mentioned that "there are plenty of parks and outdoor spaces to enjoy, and it's only a short drive to downtown Madison for more entertainment options." Overall, it seems that the majority of users enjoy living in this area due to its safety, family-friendly atmosphere, and access to various amenities.

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