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2020 Compare Cities Cost of Living:
Ames, IA vs Fairfax, VA

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Fairfax is 71.9% more expensive than Ames.
Fairfax housing costs are 200.6% more expensive than Ames housing costs.
Health related expenses are 20.9% less in Fairfax.

Cost of Living
 Ames, IAFairfax, VAUnited States

100 = National Average (Below 100 means cheaper than the US average. Above 100 means more expensive.)

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Reviews for Ames    12 Reviews
From California to Iowa - 9/30/2012
Hello, I am in San Jose Ca, but am seriously thinking of moving somewhere much slower for a better quality of living. I've just turned 59, so I'm kinda preparing for... Read More

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Good and Bad - 2/5/2012
Like every other city Ames has both good and bad points. The good points are: low cost of living, very friendly people, lots of outdoor activities and quite a few events... Read More

Cost of Living in Ames, Iowa - 12/18/2010
Ames enjoys a high quality of life at a very affordable cost, substantially lower than many other communities. The presence of Iowa State University, a large (28,000... Read More

Reviews for Fairfax    27 Reviews
Poor Quality Housing; Nightmarish Highway System - 11/14/2017
Living in Fairfax, or any of the Northern Virginia suburbs of DC, means dealing with highways that are a Gordian knot of converging lanes and overpasses, making long... Read More

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High - 1/1/2015
The Cost of living here is high. Though the standard of living is also high, unless you're making over 50,000/year, it's difficult to both live and build any sort of... Read More

great place to live - 5/1/2014
Fairfax City has been named as a Great Small City in the past. It has a mix of the old & the new. The Civil war was fought in & around the city. George Mason Univ. has... Read More

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