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Kalispell, MT vs Lebanon, IN

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Are people in Lebanon older or younger than people in Kalispell?
- The Median Age in Lebanon is 1.0 years older than in Kalispell.

Are housing costs cheaper in Lebanon or Kalispell?
- Lebanon housing costs are 54.9% less expensive than Kalispell housing costs.

Which city has a longer commute, Lebanon or Kalispell?
- The average commute for residents of Lebanon is 6.5 minutes longer than it is for residents of Kalispell.

Things to do in Kalispell?
Kalispell, MT is a picturesque town located in Flathead County. This charming community offers visitors and locals plenty of activities with its many eateries, shopping centers and parks. Kalispell provides the perfect environment for families looking to enjoy a natural Montana setting while taking advantage of all the amenities that come with living in a larger city. With its spectacular mountain views, cultural attractions, and recreational opportunities, Kalispell has become one of Montana’s top vacation spots and places to reside.

Things to do in Lebanon?
Lebanon is a small city located in central Indiana that offers plenty of relaxing activities like golfing, fishing or playing disc golf at local courses plus numerous scenic trails perfect for jogging or biking while history enthusiasts can explore its unique museums and galleries.

 Kalispell, MTLebanon, INUnited States
 Median Income$55,411$58,412$69,021
 Median Age35.336.338.4
 Avg. Home Price$530,000$239,100$338,100
 Unemployment Rate5.6%3.1%6.0%
 Avg. Commute Time15.4121.8926.38

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Reviews for Kalispell    34 Reviews

My 2022 updated review, only touching on the recent changes. Kalispell is no longer affordable for most middle class people. The world discovered us during COVID and  More

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Over 3 years ago

Against my better judgement I will write a completely honest review from a hird generation resident.. Kalispell is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see,  More

   |    Reply

Over 3 years ago

I've lived here for a long time. Lots of folks have moved here and driven the price of everything through the roof. Getting ready to leave. Price of housing, both buying  More

   |    Reply

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