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2020 Compare Cities Education:
Revere, MA vs Alameda, CA

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- Alameda spends 33.6% less per student than Revere.
- The Student Teacher Ratio is 69.6% higher in Alameda than in Revere. (lower means fewer students in each classroom).
- Alameda had 9.5% more residents who had graduated High School compared to Revere

 Revere, MAAlameda, CAUnited States

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Reviews for Revere    3 Reviews
Quality fo life? - 2/16/2009
Face it, nobody moves to Revere in search of a better quality of... Read More

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word of advice - 3/8/2008
Shirley Ave- worst part of the city. covered in gangs, drugs, and crime. I've heard stories about one gang doing drive-by shootings at another gang just for fun.... Read More

Living in Revere Ma - 6/22/2006
Revere Ma convient to Boston and is home a the first public beach in the United States. However, does have heavly populated area's parts some not so nice. Searching for... Read More

Reviews for Alameda    6 Reviews
Over emphasis - 6/1/2018
Having been born here & 70 now I have watched firsthand, a small, quiet town ruined by excessive building, overcrowding and far too many restaurants for a city this... Read More

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Small-town feel in urban area - 10/22/2009
Enjoy the immense benefit to having a close-knit community with main-street USA feel less than 10 miles from the resources of several urban and education... Read More

Small-town feel in the middle of the Bay Area - 8/7/2008
Alameda, CA is a unique town here in the Bay Area. Perhaps because it is an island, or perhaps because for many decades it was a U.S. Army base, the city has never... Read More

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