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Seattle, WA vs New York, NY

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- New York is 0% more densely populated than Seattle.
- People are 3.1% more likely to be married in New York.
- The Median Age is 2.0 years older in New York.
 Seattle, WANew York, NYUnited States
 Female Population49.3%52.0%50.5%
 Male Population50.7%48.0%49.5%
 Median Age35.337.338.4
 Population - 2010610,6548,190,105309,327,143
 Population - 2000563,3748,008,278285,036,114
 Population - 1990516,2597,322,564251,960,433
 Pop. 2000 to Now36.6%3.1%15.6%
 Pop. 1990 to Now49.1%12.7%30.8%
 Population Density8,657.829,083.893.4
 Land Area83.9300.43,531,905.4
 Water Area58.2167.8264,836.8
 Est. Total Population By Age
 Seattle, WANew York, NYUnited States
 Age 0 to 44.6%6.2%5.9%
 Age 5 to 94.0%5.5%6.1%
 Age 10 to 143.9%5.8%6.6%
 Age 15 to 172.0%3.3%3.9%
 Age 18 to 203.8%3.2%4.0%
 Age 21 to 246.3%5.0%5.2%
 Age 25 to 3424.8%17.3%13.8%
 Age 35 to 4415.8%13.8%12.9%
 Age 45 to 5412.3%12.5%12.6%
 Age 55 to 595.4%6.3%6.7%
 Age 60 to 644.8%5.8%6.3%
 Age 65 to 747.7%8.7%9.6%
 Age 75 to 843.1%4.4%4.5%
 Age 85 and over1.5%2.0%1.9%
 Seattle, WANew York, NYUnited States
 Native American0.4%0.2%0.6%
 Hawaiian, Pacific Islander0.2%0.0%0.2%
 Two or More Races6.8%2.7%3.2%
 Marriage & Family
 Seattle, WANew York, NYUnited States
 Married Population41.5%42.8%49.8%
     Currently Married40.3%39.9%48.0%
 Married but Separated1.2%2.9%1.8%
 Single Population58.5%57.2%50.2%
 Never Married45.5%43.8%33.8%
 Household Size2.082.632.60
 Family Households148,9591,929,69080,755,759
     Married couple, w/children31.7%27.3%30.5%
     Married couple, no children48.3%34.4%42.9%
 Non Family Households188,4021,320,96743,255,233
     Single householder, w/children10.7%19.1%15.8%
     Single householder, no children9.3%19.2%10.8%

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I have lived here since 1975, I moved here from California but was born and raised in Michigan. I would have to say that I never regretted leaving Michigan and their  More

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Over 2 years ago

I’ve lived in Seattle for just under 7 years and while it can be a stunningly beautiful place, I am very excited to leave. I’ll start with some of the positive aspects.  More

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if you can afford it, Seattle is a very nice place to live and raise a family! however, it is extremely expensive and in the winter, it's rather gloomy. i love gloomy  More

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Reviews for New York    331 Reviews

I'm from the South and the perception I had was that New York was a filthy slum full of sketchy people and crime. I visited it, and it's actually on the other end of the  More

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New York City is crazy Great there are to many things to do and see in NYC for anyone to ever complain about the city other than most Of the population with stacked on  More

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Over 3 years ago

filthy. deplorable. weak character. the people of new york aren't classy, they're not even decent. rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and smug, and to make it all worse there's  More

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