2024 Cost of Living Calculator for Food and Groceries:
Scarsdale, New York and Jacksonville, Florida

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Food & Groceries in Jacksonville, Florida are 13.4% cheaper than Scarsdale, New York

Cost of Living IndexesScarsdale, NYJacksonville, FLDifference
Food & Groceries Overall114.599.213.4% less
Ready to eat, snacks, beverages
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- Includes the cost of Child Care for toddlers or infants, at a day care center or home care
- Groceries prices, detailed for 29 staple items in six categories
- Difference in cost of Utilities, including electric, gas and fuel oil
- Health Care Premiums and hospital expenses for major surgeries
- Taxes, Fees and Expenses you should know about, such as local car insurance rates, automobile taxes and registration, commuting costs.
- and 100s of other items you should consider before you relocate

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Food & Grocery PricesScarsdale, NYJacksonville, FLUS Avg.
Flour, white, all purpose, 5 lb.
Rice, white, uncooked, per lb.
Spaghetti and macaroni, per lb.
Bread, whole wheat, pan, per lb.
Ground beef, 100% beef, per lb.
Chuck roast, USDA Choice, boneless, per lb.
Steak, sirloin, USDA Choice, boneless, per lb.
Bacon, sliced, per lb.
Chops, center cut, bone-in, per lb.
Ham, boneless, per lb.
Chicken, fresh, whole, per lb.
Chicken breast, boneless, per lb.
Chicken legs, per lb.
Eggs, grade A, Large, per doz.
Milk, fresh, whole, per gal.
Butter, salted, grade AA, stick, per lb.
Cheddar cheese, natural, per lb.
Ice Cream, per 1/2 gal.
Bananas, per lb.
Oranges, Navel, per lb.
Grapes, Thompson Seedless, per lb.
Lemons, per lb.
Potatoes, white, per lb.
Lettuce, iceberg, per lb.
Tomatoes, fresh, per lb.
Sugar, white, per lb.
Margarine, soft tub, per lb.
Coffee, 100%, ground roast, per lb.
Beer, domestic, 6-pack, 12 oz.
Housing Expenses