Albany, New York vs. New York, New York

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  9.1% higher in New York, New York
than in Albany, New York
   Personal expenses
Albany, NYNew York, NYU.S. AvgDifference
Miscellaneous111.1121.210010.10 (9.1% more)
100 = US Average. Below 100 means cheaper than the US average. Above 100 means more expensive. About our Cost of Living Index
   Personal Expense Breakdown
* Our cost of living calculator assumes people spend around 19% of their income on miscellaneous expenses. We broke down that 19% as follows: Restaurant meals includes all meals (including tips) at fast food, take-out, delivery, concession stands, buffet and cafeteria, at full-service restaurants, and at vending machines and mobile vendors. Clothing includes dry cleaning and laundry, shoe repair, alterations and repairs, sewing materials, clothing rental and storage, watches, jewelry and repairs. Entertainment includes fees and admissions for sporting and concert events, club memberships and lessons, media hardware and subscriptions (including video games), musical instruments, pets, toys, hobbies, exercise and sports equipment, boats and camping equipment, RVs, bicycles. Care products includes products for the hair, dental hygiene, shaving, cosmetics, haircuts and styling. Reading includes newspaper and magazine subscriptions (including digital), e-books and digital reading material. Education includes tuition, fees and supplies for public and private schools, including nursery, elementary, high school, colleges and universities. Tobacco products includes cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes and vaping devices, loose and chewing tobacco. Additional includes credit card and checking fees, finance charges, legal and accounting fees, unions dues, occupational licenses.
   Entertainment Expenses