Kalamazoo, MI Cost of Living

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Kalamazoo cost of living score
Less expensive
12.3% lower
than the US average
4.2% lower
than the Michigan average
Kalamazoo, Michigan gets a BestPlaces Cost of Living score of 87.7, which means the total cost of housing, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, taxes, and other necessities is 12.3% lower than the U.S. average and 4.2% higher than the average for Michigan.

Kalamazoo, MI

Housing costs in Kalamazoo?
A typical home costs $193,100, which is 42.9% less expensive than the national average of $338,100 and 11.7% less expensive than the average Michigan home, at $218,700. Renting a two-bedroom unit in Kalamazoo costs $1,020 per month, which is 28.7% cheaper than the national average of $1,430 and 7.8% cheaper than the state average of $1,100.

Can I afford Kalamazoo?
To live comfortably in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a minimum annual income of $37,080 for a family, and $33,200 for a single person is recommended.

What does A.I. say about Kalamazoo?
Kalamazoo, Michigan has a cost of living index rating slightly lower than that if the nation at 96 due mostly to low housing costs making up 31% - far below the national average 42%. Utility costs are also relatively low due to favorable climate conditions allowing for cheaper sources of energy such as natural gas while still enjoying access to similar amenities found citywide from whatever municipality they call home. Transportation makes up 11 percent, groceries 10%, healthcare 9% contributing further towards lower living expenses when compared with many other U.S cities .
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I have lived in Kalamazoo for over 17 years. Originally from Grand Rapids, and lived in the Zeeland / Holland are for quite a while. In comparison I absolutely hate  More

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I moved to Kalamazoo 20 years ago from Chicago. Coming from a large city, this is a nice change once you get use to the small things like lack of ethnic culture, any  More

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Over 8 years ago

Hi, My husband and I are considering relocating to the Kalamazoo area for his job and I'm just starting to do some research. We have elementary-aged children so good  More

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