Zip 04434 (Etna, ME) Cost of Living

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Etna cost of living score
Less expensive
14.3% lower
than the US average
11.6% lower
than the Maine average
Etna (zip 04434), Maine gets a BestPlaces Cost of Living score of 85.7, which means the total cost of housing, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, taxes, and other necessities is 14.3% lower than the U.S. average and 11.6% higher than the average for Maine.

Zip 04434 (Etna, ME)

Housing costs in Etna?
A typical home costs $233,500, which is 30.9% less expensive than the national average of $338,100 and 30.1% less expensive than the average Maine home, at $334,000. Renting a two-bedroom unit in Etna costs $1,100 per month, which is 23.1% cheaper than the national average of $1,430 and 13.6% cheaper than the state average of $1,250.

Can I afford Etna?
To live comfortably in Etna (zip 04434), Maine, a minimum annual income of $44,640 for a family, and $33,600 for a single person is recommended.

What does A.I. say about Etna?
The cost of living in 04434 Etna, ME is relatively low. The median home value in the area is around $141,500, which is significantly lower than the national median of $231,200. In terms of rent, the average price for a two-bedroom apartment runs at just over $780 a month. Groceries and other everyday items are also generally cheaper here than they are in many other parts of the country. All these factors make 04434 Etna a great option for those looking to live on a budget.
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