Zip 79936 (El Paso, TX) Cost of Living

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El Paso cost of living score
Less expensive
18.1% lower
than the US average
13.1% lower
than the Texas average
El Paso (zip 79936), Texas gets a BestPlaces Cost of Living score of 81.9, which means the total cost of housing, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, taxes, and other necessities is 18.1% lower than the U.S. average and 13.1% higher than the average for Texas.

Zip 79936 (El Paso, TX)

Housing costs in El Paso?
A typical home costs $193,900, which is 42.7% less expensive than the national average of $338,100 and 34.8% less expensive than the average Texas home, at $297,600. Renting a two-bedroom unit in El Paso costs $1,140 per month, which is 10.9% cheaper than the national average of $1,280 and 14.0% more than the state average of $980.

Can I afford El Paso?
To live comfortably in El Paso (zip 79936), Texas, a minimum annual income of $37,080 for a family, and $38,400 for a single person is recommended.

What does A.I. say about El Paso?
The cost of living in 79936 El Paso, TX is quite reasonable. The overall Cost of Living Index for this zip code is 86, which is 14% lower than the U.S. average. Housing prices are also relatively low compared to the rest of the nation, as the median list price for homes in 79936 is around $139,000. This makes it an attractive location for those looking for an affordable place to live. Groceries and health care costs are both well below the national average as well, making it a great option for those seeking an affordable lifestyle. Additionally, there are numerous cultural activities available in El Paso, such as museums and historical sites, giving residents plenty to do without breaking the bank.
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Over 7 years ago

I've lived, off and on, in El Paso, TX since 1969. Although El Paso has a large hispanic influence it is also home to various cultures from all over the world. Ft.  More

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