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2nd Annual America’s Manliest Cities

The Manly Guy Test

In our new study of Manly Cities, Sperling’s BestPlaces analyzed the 50 largest metro areas in the United States, examining manly indicators such as magazine subscriptions, sports teams, retail establishments, lifestyle indicators, and occupations.

This year’s most Manly City is Charlotte, NC, and at the bottom of the list is Portland, OR. Check out the complete list here to find where your hometown ranks.

Of course, there are Manly Guys in every city, and there are some dudes which are (let me say this in a way their feelings aren’t hurt and they cry - which is o.k.) “manly-challenged.”

So, here at Sperling Labs, we’ve prepared a test to see where you fall on the manly scale.

You may be a Manly Guy, if:

  • You just thought “Hey, they ripped off Jeff Foxworthy.”
  • You like to wear baseball caps. (Extra points – you have many caps. Extra extra points – they are sorted by “Car workin’”, “Fishing”, and “Formal”.)
  • In your favorite sports, players are allowed to use their hands.
  • Your jeans are made by either a) Levi or b) Wrangler. (Extra points – your jeans get faded through your own hard work, not bought that way.)
  • You refer to your favorite musicians by one name (Hank, George, Willie, Waylon, Merle). (Extra points – you named your son one of these names. Extra extra points – you named your son all of these names. Negative points – your favorite one-name musicians include Bono, Sting, and Cher.)
  • The last time you cried was when a) your old dog passed on, b) your pickup finally expired, or c) Nascar season ended.

You may NOT be a Manly Guy, if:

  • You use more than five words to order coffee from your favorite barista.
  • The fact that you even have a favorite barista. (and greet each other by name.)
  • Your morning regime at the sink includes the terms “pores”, “exfoliating” and “cleansing”.
  • You don’t go to a barber, you have a “stylist.”
  • Your new fleece vest is made from sustainably-farmed free-trade hemp.
  • You’re excited about the new color of bookcases at Ikea.
  • Your son’s name is Chandler, Madison, Pasquale or Cyril.
  • Your kids don’t have a babysitter, they have a nanny.
  • You’re suicidal because your child wasn’t admitted to their “safety” pre-school.
  • You’re concerned that your children will be scarred for life because your mini-van has only one DVD player.

Tie-breaker question:

The Times-Square Bomber was recently arrested after he attempted to detonate an SUV full of gasoline, propane, and fireworks. You are:
a) Relieved - that no one was hurt by these terrifying ingredients of mass destruction (Not Manly).
b) Confused – because these were the main ingredients for your last kickass barbeque (Manly).

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