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Most Irritation Prone Cities

Most Irritation Prone Cities

Potential for Irritation High Down South:
New Sperling Study Finds Atlanta, Houston and Washington DC
Most at Risk for Irritation

Edge® shave gel commissions Anti-Irritation Study to uncover life’s daily irritations

Shelton, CT – July 23, 2010 – A new study measuring everyday irritations like heat, traffic and household pests ranks major southern cities among the most irritated in the nation. Atlanta (No. 1), Houston (No. 2), Washington DC (No. 3) and Baltimore (No. 4) ranked the highest in irritating factors, while predominantly northern cities like Rochester (No. 50), Milwaukee (No. 49), Minneapolis (No. 48), Buffalo (No. 47), and Tucson (No. 46), the arid outlier, ranked the lowest.

Why the geographical divide? According to researcher Bert Sperling, irritating factors like pest control, average heat index and overall traffic congestion helped contribute to high irritation scores in the south.

“Atlanta ranked high across all categories, while Houston and Washington were near the top of the list in terms of sleep difficulties and long commutes. Baltimore also had higher than average commute times and sleeplessness rates,” said Sperling, president of Sperling’s BestPlaces, whose firm conducted the study on behalf of Edge® shave gel. “Meanwhile, looking at the bottom five cities, we found Rochester residents had the least to complain about --- at least in terms of everyday irritations --- while Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Buffalo fared almost as well. Tucson, which came in just below Buffalo, led the pack in terms of lowest air pollution and also ranked low in sleep difficulty, despite high heat-index rankings.”

The study was conducted on behalf of Edge shave gel as part of the brand’s commitment to helping men find relief from life’s everyday irritations. The “Edge Anti-Irritation Study” examines 11 separate categories, comparing national data to extrapolate metropolitan rankings. Categories measured include: humidity levels; weather conditions; incidence of traffic delays and congestion; average commute times; frequency of flight delays and cancelations; rates of sleeplessness; underemployment; pollens and allergens; pests; and comedy clubs per capita.

Most Irritation Prone Cities:

1. Atlanta
2. Houston
3. Washington DC
4. Baltimore
5. Los Angeles

Least Irritation Prone Cities:

50. Rochester
49. Milwaukee
48. Minneapolis
47. Buffalo
46. Tucson

“Whether it’s irritated skin or traffic congestion, nicks and cuts or pests and pollen, men face irritations every day,” said Carolyn Turoczi, Brand Manager, Edge shave gel. “The Edge Anti-Irritation Campaign, made up of this study and an online Anti-Irritation community, is designed to help men find relief to their daily irritations through humor. Just as Edge shave gel is the antidote for shaving irritation, humor can be used as an antidote to everyday irritations.

Regional Findings

In addition to finding the most and least irritation prone cities, the Edge Anti-Irritation Study also uncovers regional differences in several key areas.

Most Irritating Commutes

According to the study, New York City leads the way in irritating commutes, with the longest overall commute time, while Los Angeles residents face the most delays. In fact, Los Angelinos spend a whopping 70 hours a year stuck in traffic, compared to just eight hours a year in Rochester.

Most Irritating Weather and Airports

Nashville ranks highest in irritating weather, like rain and thunderstorms, while New Orleans residents face the highest rates of humidity. Oklahoma City residents face the most irritating airport delays, averaging almost an hour delay on departures and 51 minutes on arrivals. Portland, or reported the fewest delays and overall flight cancelations.

Most Irritating Air Quality

Not surprisingly, Californian cities like Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego came in at the top of the list in terms of air quality, ranking one, two and three respectively. Providence, Rhode Island reported the least air pollution.

Most Irritating Cities to Sleep in

The “city that never sleeps” lives up to its name, with New York City reporting the greatest number of sleepless nights, amounting to about 11 nights of sleep difficulties per month. Sound sleepers in Chicago and San Francisco reported just six and seven nights per month respectively, ranking the lowest in this type of irritation.

Most Underemployed Cities

The cities reporting the greatest level of underemployment (having to take on jobs below their qualifications) include Detroit, Sacramento and Los Angeles. Washington DC, Oklahoma City and New Orleans report the lowest levels.

Most Allergy Prone Cities

Kansas Citians have a lot to sneeze about, at least according to the Edge Anti-Irritation Study, which puts the BBQ capitol at the top of its allergen irritations category. New York, Tampa and Louisville all tied for second worst distinctions, while Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Salt Lake City report the fewest allergens.

Most Irritating Pests

Warmer climates tended to place highest in this category, measuring the frequency of home pest invasion. Cincinnati, Birmingham and Tampa top the list, with cooler cities like Minneapolis, Rochester and Buffalo reporting the fewest pest invasions.

Most Comedy Clubs Per Capita

Comedy goes a long way in reducing irritation, and the Edge Anti-Irritation Study uncovers which cities have the best and worst chances of laughing off a little steam. Las Vegas, Austin and Kansas City ranked the highest here, while Dallas, Memphis and Philadelphia ranked the lowest.

The Edge Anti-Irritation Campaign

The Edge Anti-Irritation Campaign, which consists of the Anti-Irritation Study and an online Edge Anti-Irritation community, www.EdgeShaveZone.com, is part of the brand’s overall commitment to identify and help relieve life’s daily irritations.

“As a person who is constantly annoyed by people and irritating situations, it made total sense for me to partner with the leader in anti-irritation, Edge shave gel,” said John Caparulo. “Through the Anti-Irritation Study and EdgeShaveZone.com, we are helping to call out irritating people and situations across the country, as well as providing solutions to irritated dudes through humor.”

50 Most Irritated U.S. Cities --- Complete List

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Houston, TX
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Baltimore, MD
  5. Los Angeles, CA
  6. Philadelphia, PA
  7. Tampa, FL
  8. Birmingham, AL
  9. New York, NY
  10. Phoenix, AZ
  11. Orlando, FL
  12. Sacramento, CA
  13. Dallas, TX
  14. Miami, FL
  15. Detroit, MI
  16. Charlotte, NC
  17. Chicago, IL
  18. San Diego, CA
  19. Nashville, TN
  20. Jacksonville, FL
  21. Cincinnati, OH
  22. Memphis, TN
  23. Louisville, KY
  24. San Francisco, CA
  25. Las Vegas, NV
  26. Columbus, OH
  27. Raleigh, NC
  28. St. Louis, MO
  29. San Antonio, TX
  30. Indianapolis, IN
  31. New Orleans, LA
  32. Austin, TX
  33. Boston, MA
  34. Pittsburgh, PA
  35. Seattle, WA
  36. Virginia Beach, VA
  37. Salt Lake City, UT
  38. Oklahoma City, OK
  39. Richmond, VA
  40. Cleveland, OH
  41. Denver, CO
  42. Hartford, CT
  43. Portland, OR
  44. Kansas City, MO
  45. Providence, RI
  46. Tucson, AZ
  47. Buffalo, NY
  48. Minneapolis, MN
  49. Milwaukee, WI
  50. Rochester, NY
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About the Edge Anti-Irritation Study

The Edge Anti-Irritation Study is part of the Edge Anti-Irritation campaign to help uncover what’s irritating men and to help them find relief from those irritations through humor. It was conducted by Sperling’s BestPlaces and examines irritating factors across 11 separate categories to identify individual city “irritation indexes”. These rankings are calculated by weighting data from each category and then ranked in order from most irritation prone, to least irritation prone. For more information visit www.bestplaces.net or contact Edelman.

About Sperling’s BestPlaces

Bert Sperling has been helping people find their own "Best Place" to live, work and retire for more than 20 years. His firm, Sperling's BestPlaces, puts facts in the hands of the public so they can make better decisions about best places to live, work, retire, play, or relocate. His bestselling books, Cities Ranked and Rated and Best Places to Raise Your Family, are published by John Wiley & Sons. More information about Bert and his work is available at www.bestplaces.net.

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