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Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach Sucks (If you live here) - 2/18/2018
I lived here about 10 years and I am about over it. I strongly suggest you NOT move here, especially if you are a single gay man like me. For starters, there is zero culture here. Absolutely none. Trying to find anything to do culturally related outside of going to bars is "fruitless". You will find it is very very lonely here as a gay man. Most of any of the gay men here are already taken, or not worth your time talking to.

The population is going up drastically here year after year. That means an increase of traffic. It also means an increase of accidents, and this place has plenty of those! My insurance has gone up year after year because of it. My insurance costs more here than it did living in an even more highly populated area.

The wages here are ridiculously low. And don't let the "cost of living" facade fool you. Yes the cost of living here is lower than some other areas in the north, but the wages here don't come close to make up for that lower amount. You will struggle with bills unless you have 2 jobs or have a double income from a spouse or significant other. Also its great for retirees on a guarenteed income too.

The crime here is most likely worse than wherever you came from. Just google Myrtle Beach crime. I don't have to say anything other than that. Live here a few years and the constant sirens from police ambulance and firetrucks will prove my point.

Myrtle Beach has become way over commercialized. There is no individuality here. Everything is corporatized and taken over with god awful buildings and uninteresting architecture. Oh wait, we have the upside down house and the sky wheel. :eye roll:.

So if you are planning to visit Myrtle Beach, please be my guest, but I STRONGLY suggest you leave just as quickly as you came. This is NOT a place you want to move to. Especially if you are a gay working person.

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