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New York, NY

The land of opportunity not quality - 12/14/2020
Born and raised in queens. if you don’t know how to hustle and aren’t prepared to work multiple jobs/multiple incomes you won’t do well in NY. Unless you’re a doctor or something, This is a dog eat dog city. As awful as that sounds that’s what makes NYC so great. The natural average resident understands that. Frank Sinatra saying if you can make it here you can make it anywhere is absolutely fact. The food options are amazing as it’s one of the most diverse places on earth. I want to move as I’m done with it to be honest. I want a nice house, vegetables and other things that come with quality of life. Quality of life in NY is based on how smooth your commute time is and if you can avoid paying tolls. Too expensive for young people like me even on a good salary. I would have left years ago if it wasn’t for my family. It gets a 2 for food and family for me.

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