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Ramona, CA

re: San Diego Country Estates - 8/12/2007
- 11/22/2012
Clean, well kept neighborhoods. Beautiful surrounding area, with foothill, high desert type of climate. Deceptive appearance and amenities hide the fact that so many of the residents are uneducated redneck low life types, and so many are right wing brain dead republican and - or the phony "christian" strange birds. Nice place to live, if you don't care about ever having a meaningful conversation with anyone living here. Home owner association is self-serving and corrupt, inbred petty republican politician types, who use the home owner dues for their own pet projects and to reward themselves and their friends.
Traffic is out of control. 45 mph speed limit is exceeded by adult residents, to usual speeds of 60 or 70 on San Vicente Road. Cops living in SDCE abuse the speed limits with even higher speeds, no siren, no emergencies, but flout their "authority" to do so. The residential 25 mph speed limits are also a joke. Usual speeds for adult residents is at least 35 mph, and regularly 45 and 50 mph, on residential streets. The home owners association could care less, as long a they are collecting their kickbacks and perks. CHP and sheriff could also care less, because they're in on the good-ole-boy system, too.
Town of Ramona is not quaint, with antique shops. It is by God the ugliest small town in southern California. Main street is indeed a crowded highway, crowded with trucks and junk cars. There are no restaurants where anyone who cares about their health or their taste buds, should eat. K-Mart is the center of commerce. Many car parts stores and crappy small businesses. The supermarkets are filled with the kind of Wal Mart shoppers we laugh at on YouTube. That's Ramona. Yes, the surrounding countryside is pretty, and SDCE is pretty, but the people are strange and the town is ugly. Nice place to live, if you commute elsewhere, to work, shop, and have a social life, because you won't find any real substance here. Oh yes, the so-called SDCE security is definitely NOT anything close to a 24 hour service.

San Diego Country Estates, CA

No traffic safety - 3/4/2011

The overwhelming majority of automobile traffic in San Diego Country Estates (SDCE)ignores posted all posted speed limits and exceeds those limits by a noticeable margin, at all times, day and night, every day of the year.

For instance: On the main entry and exit artery into SDCE, San Vicente Road, the posted speed limit becomes 45 mph upon entry, yet the vast majority of traffic routinely travels at 55 to 70 mph on San Vicente Road. Nothing is EVER done to control this unsafe practice in San Diego Country Estates.

In fact the members of Escondido and San Diego police forces, who reside in SDCE and take their patrol cars home, and members of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department are often seen speeding in excess of 20 mph OVER the speed limit, on San Vicente Road, at speeds of up to 75 mph. They are not in pursuit and not in the process of proceeding in an emergency manner to an official call; they are merely abusing the well-known fact that there is NO POLICE PROTECTION IN SAN DIEGO COUNTRY ESTATES, and that the so-called Security Force is nothing other than old men who sit around smoking, drinking coffee, and eating donuts in some out of the way office.

If any hell-raising teenager within reach of the SDCE area, who fancies himself a race driver and would like free rein to speed and otherwise drive recklessly, then go to San Diego Country Estates for Ad Hoc crazy, fast driving. Residents do not care how you drive in SDCE, no one will prevent your speeding or otherwise reckless driving.


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