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Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Architectural Services

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Mecklenburg, NC

No Trash Laws - 3/16/2019
I wish Mecklenburg County had laws against trash in front yards. Apparently, the city of Charlotte has laws against trash but the county does allow trash blowing around your front yard.

Charlotte, NC

- 3/16/2019
Yep, you're comment still seems to be true for Charlotte in 2019. Charlotte still has a problem with building vibe. You can't get vibrancy building Suburban Shopping Centers over and over and over again.

Charlotte, NC

Too Suburban to be a city... - 3/16/2019
Charlotte had potential before it let Big Box Shopping Centers and housing developments build the "city". If Charlotte would have built a city instead of Cookie Cutter Developments and Big Box Shopping Centers I believe it would be more of a vibrant, unique city. Instead it built same old boring crap that is off every exit across the USA. Charlotte is not a city it is one big giant suburb. Just look at maps of the area. It is filled with cul-de-sac developments and not city blocks. It is not a CITY that it advertises to be!

Mint Hill, NC

Mint Hil will be a great SMALL urban downtown if.. - 3/16/2019
This small downtown has such a great potential to really be a great small downtown. The town has recently made some decisions that make you want to pause to move here with them letting in some Cookie Cutter Developers move in to the Downtown area. If this continues the downtown will be filled with the same boring crap like the rest of the larger city it suburbs, Charlotte. If Mint Hill can keep it unique and let in more local small business, let in builders that build small urban and not Big Box the downtown will be a unique place to visit, shop and live. Mint Hill has ONE SHOT at building a unique downtown that people will love.

Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC: Overpriced Dump
- 3/16/2019
I disagree, This place kept it's old charm with the older housing instead of tearing down the old houses and build the cheap cookie cutter, garage houses. The "street people" as you call them, are unique and interesting. Yeah, they don't ware their yuppie work out cloths like most wealthier people in most areas, and that makes this place unlike most places and the people are what I love most about Asheville.

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