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San Antonio, TX

San Antonio....Fat, Stupid People. Not Good - 3/30/2019
I read a review on here that reminded me of my situation and experience with San Antonio. It makes you realize that its really not just you that it’s the people and the city. So I will expand on what they said.

I used to live in San Antonio around 9 years ago and moved out of there due to lack of career options here. It seems like people in San Antonio think USAA or working at HEB for 30 years is a career. I moved to another state and I was able to quickly advance in a corporate setting.

In San Antonio you cannot advance unless you were born and raised there. You will ALWAYS be looked at as an outsider. People are closed minded and fearful of anyone educated beyond high school.

I moved back there for 7 months. I came back due to the fact housing costs were ok and thought it might be a good idea to buy a home and live there and maybe start a business . WRONG!

People in San Antonio have become even more ghetto than before. (The politicians actually spread the ghetto all over town via section 8 and mixed income living that they dispersed creating heavy crime on sides of town that were previously safe….how’s that “income equality working for ya now)?

• Rude people everywhere

• Most people are poor and on welfare (Its fact I saw it all the time, so don’t say otherwise)

• No common sense and confrontational people everywhere.

• San Antonio I famous for wrong way and drunk driving. You are very likely to be in hit and run or hit by a drunk driver in San Antonio.

• Crime has spiked, we are talking senseless murders over nothing, drug use like meth and heroin taking the city over, store robberies, home invasions and serious crimes like that.

• Losers with no jobs committing crimes all day. EVERY SINGLE DAY in news you can read about a high speed chase, killing, stabbing, drug crime and similar.

• Almost everyone has a DUI and arrest record along with tattoos.

• Flaky people, they don’t keep appointments and expect you to go around their drinking, eating schedules.

• A lot of single mothers and deadbeat fathers who live a welfare lifestyle and hate on anyone who has a career and will try to start trouble for no reason other than they are jealous.

• There is nothing to do in San Antonio unless you like to get drunk every day or eat all day and get fat and go shopping all day like a moron at the endless amount of cookie cutter shopping centers

Long story short I left that doomed city and asked for my job back (Thankfully I was able to get it and moved back) We cut our losses and now we are very happy where we live now and are glad to pay higher bills just so we don’t have to look at those ghetto criminal trash that majority of San Antonio citizens are.

If you are a good person, have a family and want your kids to grow up to be somebody and not grow up to be a hood rat loser on welfare with 6 kids, or if you appreciate people who are polite and kind then DO NOT move to San Antonio.

If you currently live in San Antonio and are a decent person and have values then get out of there before you waste your years trying to be successful in a city of failures who will resent you for your positive traits. If you stay there too long you will become just as fat and stupid as they are. Most people that move there and don’t leave end up fat within 6 months due to nothing to do there but eat, drink and be an a-hole.


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