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Frederick, MD

Amazing town
- 6/13/2007
A beautiful historic town. Plenty of things too do and close to the capital.Public schools are excellent and the colleges are too! The people are very friendly. Four seasons year round and a great place for all families and races.

Savannah, GA

Southern charm?
- 6/13/2007
Savannah has a beautiful downtown with tons of things to do.The city is filled with plenty of parks,trees draped in moss and old 1800 homes. It's an amazing place to visit but I do not encourage outsiders moving in.They love you if your visiting but hate you if you move there. The city has a horrible murder rate and a mayor that will do nothing about it.Savannah is a town that does not want change and is very racially divided. The public school system is horrible and the college(armstrong atlantic state university)is good. A town that could be wonderful if the right people ran it. The Best thin is Paula's restaurant is a must.

Tulsa, OK

A city of disgrace
- 6/13/2007
A city that has turned for the worse. Jobs are very few and the pay is horrible. Police are over zealous and will stop you for nothing more than being bored. The city is racially divided and has always been that way.The public school system is horrible and the private school system is judgemental. Too many churches and very few christians.Most people are poor and still vote conservative. A city with nothing too do and isolated from any major city.

Minot, ND

Magic City
- 6/13/2007
Very harsh winters but pleasant falls,springs and summers. A great place to raise a family of all races. Wonderful public school system and great college(Minot State University). The only downfall would be the isolation to a major city.

Jacksonville, FL

A city on the move
- 3/10/2007
Jacksonville is a beautiful city with plenty of things too do. It is much safier than most big cities and I would disagree with it being florida's murder capital of the world.Looking for a part of florida new and growing,jacksonville.

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