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Loveland, CO

Worst place on earth - 8/2/2017
I have lived here for 20 years and it used to be a quiet, cheap, sparsely populated and nice place to live. It took 10 minutes to go to the bank or drive across town now you need 45 minutes to an hour. the cost of living has more than doubled while wages and benefits have been gutted. We voted to legalize marijuana and now 50% to 60% of the plates you see aren't even from Colorado. People drive like mentally deranged airheads. I don't know if this is due to the weed or the privileged entitlement of these cretin. Which, by the way, you will be drug tested for for every job every month consistently even though it is legal. So there's nothing to rent and no jobs to pay for the rent because it's so exorbitant you would need at least three of them. They don't allow pets, roommates or unmarried couples. They are all so filthy and horrifying you would think we lived in midevil times. I am not exaggerating and if you disagree it's because you must be a filthy nasty slob who lives in Colorado. So now we have crowds and loads of fast food chains to cram inbetween all our banks, churches, and mountains and pollute this once decent town all because it's cool to pay taxes on weed. Oh and don't forget the polluted toxic water from all the Fracking. But oh the economy is great right? Yeah, as long as your not a native.

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