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Phoenix, AZ | 3 Review(s)

Grew up in OC, looking to move away!!!


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Real Estate/Mortgage


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Phoenix, AZ

re: Looking on relocating - 5/18/2011
- 5/21/2011
Definately make the move. We were in So. Cal and moved last year. The kids are thriving. You can live in a nice area, not a getto with section 8. The people are friendly and there are jobs here. If you want to work you can find work.

Phoenix, AZ

GREAT PLACE TO BE... - 5/1/2011
We recently relocated from central OC,CA. We were so stressed and broke. Did not matter how much money was earned, you needed to pay it all out for rent, bills, and cost of living. So we made the move to Phoenix, AZ. We love it! Our kids are thriving! I had to get used to customer service again, it had been a while since I experienced generally nice people while in a retail or grocery store. I like it here because it is friendly, but not overly intrusive. I can raise my kids, and finally get to know them. Our stress level has decreased 1,000 times. I dont really care about night life, if I was interested in that I would be in California or New York. This place is calm and easy... Not all perfect, I do see a lot of mentally disturbed individuals hanging around parking lots. I think that is anywhere you go??. If you were moving to raise a family, you can do it here... rent a house for a family of 5 for $850.00 per month and minimum wage is the same as CA.... I would have never imagined that my kids could play outside and I would be OK with that! Thank you AZ...

Santa Ana, CA

I live in Santa Ana in a crappy economy, everyone is out to get everyone. Everyone is screwing everyone to get business. There are no jobs, most of people in the mid 30's with kids, in the construction industry are unemployed. Contractors are underbidding, real estate is all short sales and every old loan shark is trying to screw everyone over with a bogus loan mod. There are no genuine jobs in Santa Ana and if your not bilingual you are basically a waste of space. ( that is my business opinion ) The people I grew up with are the best on the planet, so recreation is fun here and the weather is great! But unfortunately that doesn't educate the kids or pay the bills! I hate OC!!!

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